In Memoriam: William Charles Pollard

A lifetime of curiosity, and a sharp wit served Bill Pollard well over 32 years as a high school history teacher. His love of teaching and dedication to his craft meant that he spent late August preparing lessons for a subject he taught throughout his entire career, even in his final year on the job. Many of his favourite stories involved spontaneous fun in the classroom as he shared his knowledge with keen students. Many of those students in turn share their favourite stories about Mr. Pollard, even now when they meet one of Bill’s daughters, so many years after his retirement.

He enjoyed a hearty debate, and his penchant for practical jokes sometimes got him into real trouble – perhaps the earliest being a run-in with the local constabulary over the business of fishing in a manhole on a city street when he was a young boy.

Once he retired, Bill enjoyed a few good years, passing the time with woodworking and leisurely drives to search out little antique shops with his beloved wife Sandra. High school sweethearts, Bill and Sandra meant it when they took their vows, and they overcame some serious challenges in life, together.

He is missed, but his legacy lives on. We feel his presence in the laughter and liveliness of his 8 cherished grandchildren.

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