Treasured Memories

I will remember you.

"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure."

— Unknown

In Memoriam: William Charles Pollard

07:13:1944 – 10:15:2009 A lifetime of curiosity, and a sharp wit served Bill Pollard well over 32 years as a high school history teacher. His love of teaching and dedication to his craft meant that he spent late August preparing lessons for a subject he taught throughout his entire career, even in his final year on the job. Many of his favourite stories involved spontaneous fun in the classroom as...

In Memoriam: Helen Bogyay

05:11:1943 – 07:01:2012 Unparalleled in warmth, kindness and fairness, Helen was a consummate hostess and caregiver. She could throw together dinner for forty with one hand tied behind her back. She regularly threw parties of over a hundred people and prepared the food in a kitchen that would make a ship’s galley look cavernous. She loved her home and opened it up without hesitation especially on holidays if she thought...

In Memoriam: Isobel Quartly

11:6:1920 – 10:21:2019 As the family matriarch she was a much loved mother, sister, wife and grandmother. The eldest of 10 she was apparently slow at chores when young so was given the nickname Speed by her uncles. It was used by friends and family for her entire life. Joined the WAAF in1939 at the beginning of the war and worked her way up to sergeant. She met her RAF...

Why Make a Memorial?

Love is at the heart of grief, and love is also at the heart of remembering. Although our pain is often great at the time of death, our hearts work to soothe us by drawing out fond memories we hold of the person we love. A memorial helps us honour that love and hold it up to the light for all to see, reminding us that although the person is no longer physically with us, their love is still felt in this world.