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If you are in an immediate crisis & at risk of harm please call 911.

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We have engaged with like-minded organizations across Canada to help enrich our content for grievers, supporters and bereavement professionals who come to For more information on the great work that they are doing, check out their websites below.

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Heart House Hospice logo

Heart House Hospice





Domani For Grief

New logo- BFO 2018 clear background

Bereaved Families of Ontario

Toronto Songwriting School logo

Toronto Songwriting School


Canadian Music Therapy Fund

Tune In

Tune In: A Music Therapy Approach to Life

Voices Rock Canada logo

Voices Rock Canada

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 11.07.06 AM

Grief, guilt and other words that eat at you - A grief comic memoir