"Finding people that are going through similar situations is really helpful."

— Margaux



Creating Hope.

Grief Stories is a non-profit organization. We make short video stories, podcasts and blogs with hope, insights and information about grief.

About Grief Stories

Grief Stories HEALS by helping grievers feel Hopeful for healing, Empowered to cope, Accepted as normal in their grief, Less alone in their experience and Supported to share their own story.

If you, or someone you know, may have insight, information or a story about hope and healing in grief, the team at Grief Stories would welcome your participation. This can be done through the creation of short videos with our compassionate and skilled film team, as a podcast guest or by writing a guest blog post.

Please contact rob@griefstories.org for further information and to be connected with the right team member to help you share your story.

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Quick Quotes

"Grief comes to everyone in time, and the experience can be isolating, leaving the bereaved struggling to understand what is happening to them and without ways to cope."

"Grief Stories is a unique resource offering information about grief, as well as coping strategies to benefit individuals and groups, including grievers, friends, family and professionals who support them."