"Healing does come with time."

— Valmy


Our Story

Creating Hope.

Grief Stories is a non-profit organization. We make short video stories, podcasts and blogs with hope, insights and information about grief.

Sean met Suzy on May 6, 1995. For the next 17 1/2 years they shared their lives on a
forward trajectory - owning a home, traveling, career paths, holidays, family and
friends. Suzy died on November 12, 2012, one week before her 48th birthday,
November 19. Sean is devastated at the loss of Suzy. How to continue? What does
continue mean? Why continue? The once dependable path of life has turned
unpredictable. He hears Suzy’s voice, “Help is required.”

Sean discovers the weekly bereavement group at Gilda’s Club where everyone has a
similar cancer story. This is the first time that Sean feels a connection. He is not alone.
Sean is a video maker by trade, and so is his friend, Rob. One day Rob meets Sean for
a mental check-in. Sean explains that 3AM is the consistent time that he wakes and
stares at the ceiling, questioning Suzy’s death and his own life. At 3:30AM, Sean
faithfully turns to his tablet and searches for advice - searching for anyone in a similar
situation - searching for a connection. He always finds tons of text, but little relevant

Rob exclaims, “We’re filmmakers! We should do this!”

Grief Stories.

This virtual video platform is created by professional filmmakers and vetted by health care experts. Privately accessible anywhere anytime this library is a community health resource for people facing grief and loneliness.

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