Grief & Intellectual Disabilities

Grief includes big feelings.

Intellectual Disabilities: Problems with thinking that can mean people have trouble planning and doing things in daily life, and adjusting when things change.

Grief: The thoughts and feelings we have when we lose someone or something important to us.

It can be hard to know how to handle the feelings we have when someone important in our life dies.

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It can feel like you are the only one who is going through this.

When you watch these videos, you will see and hear stories from people who have felt grief because someone they care about died. You might learn some things that will help you know what you can do when you have big feelings because you are grieving.

There are also some stories from people who support people with Intellectual Disabilities. These stories might help the people who support you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that they can help you through this hard time.

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Grief & Intellectual Disabilities Playlist

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Disability-Related Blog

Grief Literacy and Developmental Disability

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Grief literacy has become a popular topic, yet it is a topic that is untapped within the disability community, specifically within the developmental sector. The sector supports and empowers people with a developmental disability and consists of families, their loved ones and service providers.

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Grief and Disability: Carrie’s Story

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It has become clear to me over time that we have much work to do to ensure the delivery of disability-sensitive grief literacy and grief support. In March of 2022 my proposal for four 1-hour sessions was approved, we provided the program for 20 participants. My heart was full in each session.

My heart remains full of hope that conversations, education, and expertise about disability sensitive end of life care and grief support will gain momentum as more and more people join in on this vital conversation.

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Grief and Parenting in the Disability Community

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In this blog post, Carrie writes about being the parent and primary caregiver to a child with disabilities and grieving the loss of a child dying from their disabilities.

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That is also our best, and only role, when supporting a person with a developmental disability to grieve. We must be the one that comes alongside. There is no closer place we can get to. We must be present, be with, perhaps not understanding or comprehending what the person we support is experiencing, but alongside them nonetheless. We must be there, ready to provide whatever we can discover of their unique need in grief.

All Disability-Related Videos

Teresa – Moving forward with support for people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa – Moving forward with support for people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa talks about the history of palliative care in how people with intellectual disabilities were supported and how it should be now

Teresa – Pierre’s legacy

Teresa – Pierre’s legacy

Teresa shares the story of Pierre and how his medical needs required a move to a long term care facility. He declined very quickly when he was away from people he knew and the familiarity of his surroundings. His story motivated Community Living Dufferin to start providing supportive services and resources in order to have people stay in their home at their end of life.

Teresa – Grief and people with intellectual disabilities

Teresa – Grief and people with intellectual disabilities

Teresa discusses some of the key issues facing people with intellectual disabilites in grief. She addresses the importance ot taking time to understand.

Teresa – The journey in supporting people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa – The journey in supporting people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa talks about the importance of the philosophical change in helping people with intellectual disabilities die with dignity, how we can focus on what they need and the individual experiences