Death of a Grandparent

Collective Grief

When the death of a person affects many members in a community, city, country, or across the world, people will experience collective grief.

These are some things that can help people through the experience of collective grief across a community.

Jane – Connection, place, and grief

Jane talks about the difference between living alone in Toronto while grieving during the pandemic compared to her experience once she moved closer to her family in Northumberland.

Jane – My Story

Jane shares her story about losing two of her grandparents just before the pandemic and the ways the pandemic has impacted her ability to process grief.

Jane – Loneliness while processing grief

Jane talks about grieving without her extended family because of the pandemic and how that’s impacted things like scattering ashes and having celebrations of life.

Jane – Struggling to process layers of grief

Jane talks about her experience navigating multiple losses in a short time and the impact the pandemic has had on that by adding even more multi-facitated layers of grief

Jane – What processing grief during the pandemic may look like

Jane talks about how the pandemic has postponed a lot of “firsts” without her grandparents that have impacted her experience of moving through grief.

Jane – Sitting in our feelings

Jane – Sitting in our feelings

Jane shares how she has learned to be more present in her feelings while grieving during the pandemic.

Jane – Preparing for another loss

Jane talks about her experience with another grandparent dying after losing two grandparents over the last few years.

Jane – Grief and yoga

Jane shares about the impact yoga, and moving her body in general, on her mental health while she processes grief.

Jane – Grief and meditation

Jane shares how she practices daily meditation and how that helps her manage her thoughts and feelings.

Jane – Remembering loved ones

Jane talks about some ways she remembers her grandparents since her passing and the comfort that brings her as she grieves for them.

Sunny- The Importance of Friends While Grieving