Death and Grief During a Pandemic

Marija – Types of Loss in a Pandemic

Marija explains how all of the losses we experience during a pandemic are compounded

Marija – Feeling Disenfranchised Grief in a Pandemic

Marija talks about disenfranchised grief and Covid

Marija – Grieving Situational Losses in a Pandemic

Marija talks about feelings associated with grief and Covid

Adrianna – Pandemic, funerals and celebration of life

Adrianna talks about the death of her friend during pandemic

Holly – Singing in the last days

Holly talks about her partner’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the pandemic, their decisions, faith and how singing

Maureen – End stages during a pandemic

Maureen talks about the end stages of her father-in-law during the pandemic.

Maureen – Compounded grief during a pandemic

Maureen discusses how grief can be compounded during a pandemic

Maureen – Funeral during the pandemic

Maureen talks about funeral arrangements during a pandemic

Maureen – Hospital restrictions during a pandemic

Maureen discusses hospital restrictions while her father-in-law was palliative during the pandemic

Maureen – Isolated in a nursing home

Maureen talks about her father-in-law isolated and palliative during the pandemic