Death and Grief During a Pandemic

Michele – My Story

MIchele talks about her multiple losses starting from when she was very young

Karyn and Aidan – The what if game and guilt

Karyn and Aidan explain how they have dealt with guilt

Jane – What processing grief during the pandemic may look like

Jane talks about how the pandemic has postponed a lot of “firsts” without her grandparents that have impacted her experience of moving through grief.

Jane – My Story

Jane shares her story about losing two of her grandparents just before the pandemic and the ways the pandemic has impacted her ability to process grief.

Sarah K – Grieving in isolation

Sarah discusses isolation, being in grief during the pandemic and the importance of keeping connected

Zoreena – COVID and isolation

Zoreena discusses COVID isolation and the loss of time to spend with her Dad and her cousing

Karyn and Aidan – Grief changes

Karyn and Aidan talk about how grief changes, coping, strength, crying, talking, comfort and support

Zoreena – Tribute

Zoreena talks about tributes, family, pulling together and not being able to have a funeral

Joyce -The pandemics impact on drug poisonings

Joyce talks about drug poisonings during the pandemic

Jean – My Story

Jean talks about isolation and grieving during a pandemic

Beauty found at the edges: a portrait of community support

I’d sent a text saying “Hello friends, I’m putting out a call for flowers. I went to public school with Kory, the young man who died in downtown Cobourg this week, and though I hadn’t seen him in recent years, I feel the loss of him on a community level, as I imagine you do, too. Some of Kory’s people are gathering tonight in vigil at the bank where he died, and I’m gathering flowers from those of us who have gardens to share with this grieving community. Do you have some blooms in your garden that you’d be willing to share?”

Kate – Time to process

Kate shares about time and processing her grief especially during COVID