Death and Grief During a Pandemic

What I know about grief

The following are some things I know to be true about grief for me, based on my lived experience. Some of them may resonate with you as well. Grief is unique to the people experiencing it in each moment, so please take whatever makes sense to you from this share and leave whatever doesn’t.

Collective Grief

When the death of a person affects many members in a community, city, country, or across the world, people will experience collective grief.

These are some things that can help people through the experience of collective grief across a community.

Jean – Be good to yourself

Jean shares about support and not being hard on yourself

Jean – Grief resources and self care

Jean talks about resources that help in processing grief and self care

Jean – Helping your children through grief

Jean discusses how helping her children through grief also helped her

Jean – My own grief and being a professional counsellor

Jean shares about being a counselor and going through her own grief

Jean – My Story

Jean talks about isolation and grieving during a pandemic

Jean – Traditions and grief

Jean discusses belief systems and traditions

Jean – Coping

Jean shares how coping can be complicated

Jean – It’s all about love

Jean talks about losing her husband to a heart attack on valentines day

Jean – What grief feels like physically

Jean discusses the physical effects she has experienced in grief

Zoreena – Ask for help

Zoreena explains how important it is to ask for help