Death and Grief During a Pandemic

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Special Days

When we are grieving, some days are more difficult than others. Grief comes in waves like the sea and can feel like an intertwining labyrinth of emotions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates that are associated with our loved one who has died can contribute to more emotionally intense days which can be worsened through the anticipation and “what ifs” of the upcoming day. These difficult days can leave us feeling defeated and it can almost feel like we’ve taken two steps backward in our grieving process, but grief does not have a timeline, and these feelings of setbacks are opportunities for healing.

Jane – Struggling to process layers of grief

Jane talks about her experience navigating multiple losses in a short time and the impact the pandemic has had on that by adding even more multi-facitated layers of grief

Maureen – “Permission to mourn”

Maureen explains about grief being valid and how important it is to look after yourself.

Maureen – End stages during a pandemic

Maureen talks about the end stages of her father-in-law during the pandemic.

Lynda – “The importance of getting professional help”

Lynda discusses the many ways professionals can help.

Kara – Uncertainty

Kara discusses how Covid-19 has created uncertainty and impacted grieving.The pandemic changed the way Kara continued to grieve the loss of her partner.

Nicole – Grieving as a community

Nicole discusses the power of grieving together as a community. Finding connection and trust.

Zoreena – Passing on kindness

Zoreena talks about wakes, funerals, COVID and the importance of kindness

Sarah K – Grieving in isolation

Sarah discusses isolation, being in grief during the pandemic and the importance of keeping connected

Jean – Traditions and grief

Jean discusses belief systems and traditions

Jane – What processing grief during the pandemic may look like

Jane talks about how the pandemic has postponed a lot of “firsts” without her grandparents that have impacted her experience of moving through grief.

Sunny- Grief and Maintaining Health