Death and Grief During a Pandemic

Jean – My Story

Jean talks about isolation and grieving during a pandemic

Sunny- The Importance of Friends While Grieving

Zoreena – My Story

Zoreena talks about COVID and the loss of her father and a cousin

Laura- What Might Help in Grief

Maureen – Isolated in a nursing home

Maureen talks about her father-in-law isolated and palliative during the pandemic

Nicole – Power of Speaking About Lost Ones

Nicole discusses the importance of sharing memories of those lost to drug poisoning and speaking their names.

Jane – Struggling to process layers of grief

Jane talks about her experience navigating multiple losses in a short time and the impact the pandemic has had on that by adding even more multi-facitated layers of grief

Christian – My process in grieving

Christian explains his grieving process and how it’s important to let people in, the power of community, and having a team that makes him feel loved and cared for

Christian – Autonomy for the homeless

Christian discusses those who are unhoused and how they want a space that is theirs and how we need to take that seriously especially when it comes to grief

Sunny- Grief and Maintaining Health

Michele – Covid and support

Michele defines expressive arts and how they can help healing in griefMIchele talks about COVID restrictions, technology and ways to support

Lynda – “Same storm different boat”

Lynda discusses how grief is universal yet unique to everyone