Bereavement Professionals’ Insights

Rev. Sky – “Emotions”

Rev. Sky talks about the emotions that come along with loss and outlets that can help.

Claudia – Art, art as therapy and art therapy

Claudia discusses the definition of therapy and how art therapists are formally trained.

Carrie – Thanatology

Carrie explains how thanatolgy is the study of death dying grief and loss.

Rev. Sky – “It gets easier”

Rev. Sky talks about time and allowing emotion.

Katie “Ongoing Grief”

Katie talks about the loss of her mother.

Weathering the Intense Emotions of Grief

Grief often comes with powerful, unpredictable emotional shifts that can be painful to experience. While it’s important to find ways to sit with these feelings, to acknowledge the pain of grief and accept loss, it’s also necessary to find ways to ease and manage the pain. There are several simple activities that you can explore to help.

Chantal – What is art therapy?

Chantal explains how art therapy helps us express in ways that words can’t

Adrianna – Metabolizing grief

Adrianna explains metabolizing grief and grief literacy training

Grief Busting Zine [Downloadable!]

This zine is designed by mental health professionals and contains information about grief, different types of grief we may experience, gentle reminders on how to move through grief, as well as tips for those who may be supporting someone in their life who is grieving.

Claudia – Working with an art therapist

Claudia how all art making is theraputic and working with an art therapist amplifies the process in a positive way

Jen – “1st year non-judgmental”

Jen discusses the ups and downs of the 1st year.

Corrie – Getting comfortable with discomfort

Corrie talks about being comfortable and uncomfortable with grief