Bereavement Professionals’ Insights

Shannon – Blessings and sadness

Shannon discusses how just showing up, being present is a powerful way of supporting to someone who has lost. Listen more – talk less.

Jessica M – Legacy

Jessica explains legacy and gives examples including her own.

Sara – My Story

Sara talks about why she became a music therapist, espression and connecting to feelings

Claudia – Being stuck and art therapy

Claudia discusses remunating how art therapist can help create different positive perspectives

Claudia – Art and coping with grief and loss

Claudia talk about how art is especially beneficial for someone coping with grief and loss

Madelyn – Accept what you are feeling

Madelyn talks about how it’s ok to not be ok.

Jen – “1st year non-judgmental”

Jen discusses the ups and downs of the 1st year.

Rev. Sky – “Youth alert”

Rev. Sky talks about youth and when it’s time to reach out for support.

Maureen – Preparing for holidays

Maureen gives some ideas to help during holidays like connecting and taking time out

Madelyn – Advice to younger self

Madelyn discusses how having feelings is a gift and you can work through tough ones. There is hope.

Community Grief Toolkit [Downloadable!]

This toolkit also reflects on how we support grief in the community. The tools to come together and honour our collective experiences and how to build the resources for further support.

Maureen – “Carrying grief”

Maureen gives an analogy of how hard it is to carry griefMaureen gives an analogy of how hard it is to carry grief.