Bereavement Professionals’ Insights

Michele – Normalizing conversations around death dying grief and loss

Michele discusses grief literacy, the importance of talking and that dying is a part of life

Jen – “Breathing and grief”

Jen talks about how breathing and yoga can help cope.

Jenn – Your art completely belongs to you

Jenn explains the wonderful thing about art is that piece belongs completely to you and you have the power to do whatever you wish with it . She makes some suggestions as to what you may want to do.

Donna – “Grief in conversation”

Donna discusses language and talking about grief.

Rev. Sky – “Retraumatization”

Rev. Sky discusses trauma and re-experiencing the initial emotion had at the beginning of a loss.

Rev. Sky – “It gets easier”

Rev. Sky talks about time and allowing emotion.

Janice – “Feelings”

Janice talks about the importance of allowing our feelings as that’s the only way to get through them.

Jean – My Story

Jean talks about isolation and grieving during a pandemic

Christian – “Grief in the opioid crisis”

Christian talks about looking for answers in great sadness.


That is also our best, and only role, when supporting a person with a developmental disability to grieve. We must be the one that comes alongside. There is no closer place we can get to. We must be present, be with, perhaps not understanding or comprehending what the person we support is experiencing, but alongside them nonetheless. We must be there, ready to provide whatever we can discover of their unique need in grief.

Cheryl – “Complicated Grief”

Cheryl discusses unresolved grief.

Jacqueline – Crying

Jacqueline talks about how grief is love and how crying is natural