Supporting Others

Madelyn – Holding space

Madelyn explains how holding space can help anyone in grief

Amber -Helping someone who is grieving

Amber talks about how her grief has helped her learn how support other people in grief.

Amber – Support

Amber talks about following through on offers of support

Amber -Grieving as a teenager

Amber discusses the challenges of going through grief as a teen

Amber – Talking about death

Amber explains why it’s so important to talk about grief and her kids

Amber – Keeping Dad’s memory alive

Amber tells how she set up a Dad adventure day to keep the memory of her father alive for her kids and husband

Amber – Talking to your kids about death

Amber talks about how important it is to talk about grief, especially with kids

Adrianna – Pandemic, funerals and celebration of life

Adrianna talks about the death of her friend during pandemic

Adrianna – Storytelling… intuitive and instrumental

Adrianna tells how storytelling helped her process her grief

Holly – How can we help someone who is grieving

Holly has some helpful tips how to help someone who is grieving