Grief and Trauma

Bryan – Anticipation

Bryan discusses the experience of having his father go through a coma and ultimately dying from gun violence

Bryan – Empathy for others

Bryan talks about how losing his father to gun violence was difficult and how taking things day by day helped him get through many difficult times. Now he wants to help children who are going through something similar to what he did. Things will get better and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Bryan – Helping Others

Bryan explains how his experience with grief has helped him help others and why it’s so important for him.

Bryan – Mom

Bryan gives his mother credit for how well she raised her two sons after her husband was murdered

Bryan – My Story

Bryan talks about his father being a lawyer and being shot and killed by an apposing lawyer. He talks about his mother and brother and how they have coped

Bryan – The Three Fs

Bryan talks about the three cornerstones that he lives by …three f’s and how they support him in living a hopeful and positive life

Bryan – This Is Why

Bryan shares about his new website “This is why”a creative form, for blog stories for grievers to express themselves and for readers to connect

Bryan – Trauma

Bryan discusses trauma anxiety, support and the loss of his father to gun violence

Bryan – Vulnerability

Bryan talks about things are not always OK and that’s OK and things are going to get better

Karyn and Cathy – “Suicide”

Karyn and Cathy discuss how the stigma of suicide impacted the lack of acknowledgement of their grief and loss. Karyn and Cathy continues to grieve the death of their father by suicide.