Teresa – Intellectual disabilities grief and time to process

Teresa explains the importance of giving time when communicating with people who have intellectual disabilities

Teresa – Main issues with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa shares some of the main issues that people with intellectual disabilities in grief such as communication and size of their circles

Teresa – Moving forward with support for people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa talks about the history of palliative care in how people with intellectual disabilities were supported and how it should be now

Teresa – Pierre’s legacy

Teresa shares the story of Pierre and how his medical needs required a move to a long term care facility. He declined very quickly when he was away from people he knew and the familiarity of his surroundings. His story motivated Community Living Dufferin to start providing supportive services and resources in order to have people stay in their home at their end of life.

Teresa – Grief and people with intellectual disabilities

Teresa discusses some of the key issues facing people with intellectual disabilites in grief. She addresses the importance ot taking time to understand.

Teresa – The journey in supporting people with intellectual disabilities and grief

Teresa talks about the importance of the philosophical change in helping people with intellectual disabilities die with dignity, how we can focus on what they need and the individual experiences

Jacqueline – My Story

Jacqueline talks about getting through the feelings after her mother’s death

Jacqueline – Art Therapy & Grief

Jacqueline discusses about art therapy and how it brings a special layer to help move through grief

Jacqueline – Where to store art works

Jacqueline explains how art can be like journal entries that you would keep private

Jacqueline – Crying

Jacqueline talks about how grief is love and how crying is natural

Jacqueline – Digital Story

Jacqueline discusses what a digital story can be and how creatiing one can create positive breakthroughs

Jacqueline – It’s an Honour

Jacqueline explains why it’s an honour to be a part of her clients healing journey