John Martin – Loss, Grief and Covid-19

John discusses loss and COVID

Kim – Support at the hospital

Kim discusses how tough COVID made the hospital experience and the support she received

Donna – “Living with grief”

Donna talks about the threads of grief and her personal experience.

Kara – “LIfe Partner”

Kara talks about her partner dying.

Maureen – Writing a song for a friend who is dying

Maureen talks about writing as song for a dying friend

Chantal – Grief and art therapy group

Chantal talks about the honour of being witness to other peoples story and exploration of grief and art therapy

Kara – “Meals”

Kara discusses food shopping for one and learning what she as an individual likes. Kara continues to grieve the death of her partner.

Holly – Singing in the last days

Holly talks about her partner’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the pandemic, their decisions, faith and how singing

Kim – You can get through this

Kim talks about the difference between her Dad and her Mum’s death

Caileigh – Sharing grief experience to spread hope and kindness

Caileigh talks about taking the opportunity to share her personal and professional grief experiences as a way to spread hope and to spread kindness.

Keith – “Difference between grief and mourning”

Keith explains how grief is internal and mourning is external.

Susan – “Crying”

Susan talks about crying, grieving and dying.