Death of A Loved One

Adrianna – Therapy and loss

Adrianna talks about how different kinds of therapy helps

Lyss – Chemical Pregnancy and Blighted Ovum

Lyss shares about chemical pregnancy, blighted ovum, abortion pill, miscarriage, and triggers.

Sam – Men in grief

Sam who lost his father, uncle and cousin talks about men and grief

Kate – Getting support

Kate talks about how difficult it is to ask for support

Karyn and Aidan – Support.

Karyn and Aidan discuss how much the support they received helped

Karyn and Aidan – Grief changes

Karyn and Aidan talk about how grief changes, coping, strength, crying, talking, comfort and support

Kara – “As time passes it gets easier”

Kara explains how her grief changes through time. Kara continues to grieve the death of her partner.

Donna B – “Having Faith”

Donna explains how faith has helped her. Donna continues to grieve the death her son during service in Afghanistan.

Craig – Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Craig how he overcame a series of challenges, including the loss of his marriage, his job, and his home. He talks about how he found the strength to keep going and how he learned to be more resilient.

Kara – Uncertainty

Kara discusses how Covid-19 has created uncertainty and impacted grieving.The pandemic changed the way Kara continued to grieve the loss of her partner.

Doug M – “Photographs”

Doug explains why photographs are so important in helping you deal with grief. Doug continues to grieve the death of his first wife.

Weathering the Intense Emotions of Grief

Grief often comes with powerful, unpredictable emotional shifts that can be painful to experience. While it’s important to find ways to sit with these feelings, to acknowledge the pain of grief and accept loss, it’s also necessary to find ways to ease and manage the pain. There are several simple activities that you can explore to help.