Death of A Loved One

Amber -Helping someone who is grieving

Amber talks about how her grief has helped her learn how support other people in grief.

Mary S – My story (long)

Mary tells the story of her life with her husband, his death and then the loss of both of her parents

Karyn and Aidan – Support.

Karyn and Aidan discuss how much the support they received helped

Shannon – Enough

Shannon talks about us all doing the very best we can from the perspectives of a licensed clinical counselor and losing her husband to suicide.

Kara – “As time passes it gets easier”

Kara explains how her grief changes through time. Kara continues to grieve the death of her partner.

Krista – “Range of emotions”

Krista talks about the journey towards acceptance.

Kim – Checking in is very important

Kim explains why it is so important to check in and keep in touch with people who have lost

Donna B – “When the death is public”

Donna discusses healing and a public death. Donna continues to grieve the death her son during service in Afghanistan.

Amber – My Story

Amber talks about the traumatic death of her father in an explosion and being 17

Tips for Grieving During the Holidays

The holidays can bring up a lot of feelings, especially when you’re grieving the loss of a loved one. Whether it’s the first holiday season without someone, the holidays mark a time where someone you love died, or it’s just hard to be around celebration when you’re not feeling celebratory, December can feel heavy.

These are a few tips for grieving during the holidays.

Logan – Songwriting and grief

Logan – Songwriting and grief

Logan explains how a song about his father helped

Donna B – “Sharing Stories”

Donna shares a story and explains why it feels so good. Donna continues to grieve the death her son during service in Afghanistan.