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Death of a Parent - Related Videos

Jessica M – The value of talking about grief

Jessica talks about living in North America and the fear many people have about talking about grief but that it is very important to talk. It makes us feel less alone and helps us move through our grief. It’s also how you can keep your lost one alive.

Sam – How grief changes

Sam who lost his father, uncle and cousin talks about time and grief

Kim – Facebook and connecting

Kim – discussses our need to connect and how Facebook was useful after her Mum’s death

Jessica M – Finding Hope

Jessica shares memories of her brothers birthday which was just before her mothers death and how they all found hope

Caileigh – Sharing grief experience to spread hope and kindness

Caileigh talks about taking the opportunity to share her personal and professional grief experiences as a way to spread hope and to spread kindness.

Kim – Self care

Kim talks about looking after yourself and how much it helps. In particular be kind to yourself

Lyss – Music

Lyss remembers playing music for her mother as she was dying and how music has helped with feelings

Bryan – Vulnerability

Bryan talks about things are not always OK and that’s OK and things are going to get better

Learning from Grief

Grief is weird. Odd start, I know, but that was the sentence I used a lot whenever someone asked me how I was. It was never a constant feeling; it changed day to day. And still does. It’s the full gambit of emotions from sadness to anger to guilt and, though dark, even humour found its way in.

Rebecca – Humour and grief

Rebecca talks about how she and her father used humour as a strategy during his illness and after he died