My Story Video

Hope – My Story

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Hope tells the story of her father’s death and how it affected her and her family

Antoinetta – Story

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Antoinetta tells her story of grief and her father getting lung cancer

Adam – Story 1

Adam shares about losing his Mom and the many wonderful things he remembers

Adam – Story 2

Adam discusses his busy life and how he has coped after losing his mother

Katie – My Story

Katie shares about her story and losing her Dad to cancer during COVID

Shannon – Hope for Healing

Shannon shares about losing her husband to suicide, her parents and her father-in-law. She felt broken and to be able to take care of her kids and her self seemed overwhelming. It took someone telling her that you can heal from trauma to give her hope for healing.

Cara – My story with intellectual disabilities and grief

Cara talks about how she came to see how people with intellectual disabilities need to be supported in grief

Jacqueline – My Story

Jacqueline talks about getting through the feelings after her mother’s death

Chantal – My Story

Chantal discusses finding a release in doing a graphic novel to explore her grief as a thesis in art therapy school

Claudia – My story

Claudia tells her story about art and grief

Andrea – My Story

Andrea shares her story of losing her husband during a pandemic

Michele – Creative expression and processing grief

Michele tells what advice she would give to her younger grieving selfMichele talks about coping that since being a child how creativity helped