My Story Video

Keith – “My story”

Keith tells his story and why he became a counsellor.

Claudia – My story

Claudia tells her story about art and grief

Russell – “My Story”

Russell discusses learning how to deal with the loss of his son.

Cheryl – “My story”

Cheryl talks about her daughter’s organ donations.

Krista’s Story

Krista tells her story and talks about getting the call that no parent wants to get.

Nicole – Working in Community Outreach

Nicole discusses her work in community outreach and how she has lived experience with addiction and living rough.

Doug – “My Story”

Doug talks about the accident that killed his daughter and his process of grief.

Cheryl and Mike – “Their Story”

Cheryl and Mike discuss losing more than one family member. They continue to grieve Cheryl’s father and the death their daughter in a car accident.

Caileigh – My own grief and supporting others

Caileigh tells about her own grief and now it has given her a really powerful lens on how to support children going through grief as well. Along with her professional education and training, there is now a different perspective on grief and how that fits in with supporting others.

John – My Story

John tells the story of his wife became ill suddenly and died

Amber – My Story

Amber talks about the traumatic death of her father in an explosion and being 17

Katie – My Story

Katie shares about her story and losing her Dad to cancer during COVID