My Story Video

Jacqueline – My Story

Jacqueline talks about getting through the feelings after her mother’s death

Chantal – My Story

Chantal discusses finding a release in doing a graphic novel to explore her grief as a thesis in art therapy school

Claudia – My story

Claudia tells her story about art and grief

Andrea – My Story

Andrea shares her story of losing her husband during a pandemic

Michele – Creative expression and processing grief

Michele tells what advice she would give to her younger grieving selfMichele talks about coping that since being a child how creativity helped

Michele – My Story

MIchele talks about her multiple losses starting from when she was very young

Karyn and Aidan – Our story

Karyn and Aidan – Karyn tells the story leading up to John’s death during the pandemic

Karyn and Aidan – Our story 2

Karyn and Aidan – Aidan tells the story leading up to John’s death during the pandemic

Sarah K – Story

Sarah tells the story of her husbands death to a heroin overdose.

Bryan – My Story

Bryan talks about his father being a lawyer and being shot and killed by an apposing lawyer. He talks about his mother and brother and how they have coped

Amber – My Story

Amber talks about the traumatic death of her father in an explosion and being 17

Sara – My Story

Sara talks about why she became a music therapist, espression and connecting to feelings