My Story Video

Bryan – My Story

Bryan talks about his father being a lawyer and being shot and killed by an apposing lawyer. He talks about his mother and brother and how they have coped

Amber – My Story

Amber talks about the traumatic death of her father in an explosion and being 17

Sara – My Story

Sara talks about why she became a music therapist, espression and connecting to feelings

Adrianna – My Story

Adrianna talks about the journey she has been on since her brother’s suicide

Justin – My story with music and grief

Justin how he came to find music as grief therapy and how it helps him express his grief

Matt – My Story

Matt tells how he found his birth mother and then lost her.

Krista’s Story

Krista tells her story and talks about getting the call that no parent wants to get.

Christian – “Jeff’s Story”

Christian tells Jeff”s story… the good and his struggles.

Brenda and Dale – “Their Story”

Brenda and Dale tell the story of their son’s suicide. They continue to grieve the death of their son by suicide.

Caitlin – “My Story”

Caitlin shares about the loss of her sister and how she copes with missing her. Caitlin continues to grieve the death of her sister in a car accident