Living with Dying

Susan – “Crying”

Susan talks about crying, grieving and dying.

Susan – “Relationships”

Susan explains the shift that happens with yourself and your relationships.

Susan – “Not wanting to be a burden”

Susan talks about the fear of dying becoming a burden and selfishness.

Susan – “Celebration”

Susan discuss her thoughts on why the process of dying shouldn’t be clinical.

Susan – “Living life”

Susan discuss what it means to live life well.

Susan – “The process is interesting”

Susan talks about her role in the process of dying.

Grief and Parenting in the Disability Community

In this blog post, Carrie writes about being the parent and primary caregiver to a child with disabilities and grieving the loss of a child dying from their disabilities.

Susan – “Grieving while dying”

Susan discusses grieving in the process of dying.

Susan – “Dying well”

Susan talks about how the individual decides to go about the process of dying.

Susan – “Honour”

Susan discusses dying and lives well lived.

Susan – “Death literacy”

Susan talks about knowledge and the process of dying.

Susan – “Control”

Susan talks about controlling our death.