Living with Dying

Susan – “Music”

Susan explains the value of listening to music and how it comforts her.

Susan – “Death and Grief Phobia”

Susan discusses dealing with the process of dying and grieving.

Susan – “Diagnosis”

Susan discusses her diagnosis and her process of dealing with it.

Susan – “Bearing Witness”

Susan discusses why it’s OK to talk about death and how you want to die.

Susan – “Looking for answers”

Susan talks about the concept of a good death.

Susan – “Honour”

Susan discusses dying and lives well lived.

Susan – “Control”

Susan talks about controlling our death.

Susan – “The body’s wisdom”

Susan explains how listening to her body has helped her.

Susan – “Celebration”

Susan discuss her thoughts on why the process of dying shouldn’t be clinical.

Susan – “The process is interesting”

Susan talks about her role in the process of dying.

Susan – “Not wanting to be a burden”

Susan talks about the fear of dying becoming a burden and selfishness.

Susan – “Strength vs support”

Susan discusses being strong and the support she receives.