Living with Dying

Grief and Parenting in the Disability Community

In this blog post, Carrie writes about being the parent and primary caregiver to a child with disabilities and grieving the loss of a child dying from their disabilities.

When Death Feels like a Thief

In the heart of my grief, at my frailest, all I could see was what was no more. I grieved all that was stolen from me by death; love, security and even my very self. Had I known the value of having every pocket of who I was, picked bare by grief, I would not have fought so hard to hold onto it all.

Susan – “My story”

Susan talks about her story and her decision to stop chemotherapy.

Susan – “Bearing Witness”

Susan discusses why it’s OK to talk about death and how you want to die.

Susan – “Beliefs”

Susan shares her personal thoughts on beliefs and what happens after you die.

Susan – “Celebration”

Susan discuss her thoughts on why the process of dying shouldn’t be clinical.

Susan – “Crying”

Susan talks about crying, grieving and dying.

Susan – “Death and Grief Phobia”

Susan discusses dealing with the process of dying and grieving.

Susan – “Death literacy”

Susan talks about knowledge and the process of dying.

Susan – “Diagnosis”

Susan discusses her diagnosis and her process of dealing with it.

Susan – “Frontline caregivers”

Susan talks about how critical and wonderful frontline caregivers are and the importance of connecting with them.

Susan – “Honour”

Susan discusses dying and lives well lived.