Death of a Partner

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Death of a Partner - Related Videos

Shannon – Blessings and sadness

Shannon discusses how just showing up, being present is a powerful way of supporting to someone who has lost. Listen more – talk less.

Karyn and Aidan – Grief changes

Karyn and Aidan talk about how grief changes, coping, strength, crying, talking, comfort and support

John – Lasagna

John talks about the “widower’s meal”… Lasagna, and learning how to cook for his daughters after his wife died

Jean – Traditions and grief

Jean discusses belief systems and traditions

John – Support over time

John discusses how support changes over time

Shannon – Growing through Grief

Shannon discusses post traumatic growth and how it can be an expectation

Kara – “You change”

Kara discusses evolving, growth and change. Kara continues to grieve the death of her partner.

Karyn and Aidan – Challenges with COVID restrictions

Karyn and Aidan discuss the COVID restrictions on visitations and how they managed

Doug M – “New Normal”

Doug tells about changes and how he has learned to embrace the new normal. Doug continues to grieve the death of his first wife.

Andrea – Dealing with personal belongings

Andrea discusses dealing with her late husbands personal belongings and the need to purgees