Death of a Parent

Caileigh – Recommendations as a therapist and a griever

Caileigh discussed two recommendations for parents on how to support their child’s grief. as a therapist and a griever. The first is to recognize that being with is far more important than fixing. There’s two pieces to connection. The first being that one of the most important healing aspects to grief is feeling connected to others.

Sam – How grief changes

Sam who lost his father, uncle and cousin talks about time and grief

Zoreena – Passing on kindness

Zoreena talks about wakes, funerals, COVID and the importance of kindness

Adam – Story 1

Adam shares about losing his Mom and the many wonderful things he remembers

Karyn and Aidan – Support.

Karyn and Aidan discuss how much the support they received helped

Rebecca – Humour and grief

Rebecca talks about how she and her father used humour as a strategy during his illness and after he died

Sam – Mental health tools and resources

Sam discusses talking care of his mental health and group therapy after losing his father, uncle and cousin

Logan – My story

Logan talks about the death of his father and bone cancer and how writing music helped

Jackie – Finger painting and grief

Jackie discusses how finger painting help her with her feelings while she was grieving the loss of her mother and sister

Hope – Camp for grief

Hope talks about the benefits of grief camp for her and her twin sister

Jessica M – A Parking Lot Memorial

Jessica shares how her family gathered after her uncle died during COVID and how her family came up with a creative way of getting together in a parking lot.

Bryan – Anticipation

Bryan discusses the experience of having his father go through a coma and ultimately dying from gun violence