Death of a Parent

Bryan – Trauma

Bryan discusses trauma anxiety, support and the loss of his father to gun violence

Cheryl and Mike – “Why get counseling”

Cheryl and Mike talk about the benefits of counselling. They continue to grieve the death their daughter in a car accident.

Bryan – Mom

Bryan gives his mother credit for how well she raised her two sons after her husband was murdered

Jessica M – A Parking Lot Memorial

Jessica shares how her family gathered after her uncle died during COVID and how her family came up with a creative way of getting together in a parking lot.

Karyn and Aidan – Challenges with COVID restrictions

Karyn and Aidan discuss the COVID restrictions on visitations and how they managed

Jeff – “Talking About Grief”

Jeff outlines the story of losing his mother to cancer and the difficulty he experienced when he struggled to acknowledge his grief after her death.

Adam – Crying and singing

Adam talks about how crying and singing helps him cope even at the cemetary

Cheryl and Mike – “Multiple losses”

Cheryl and Mike discuss the differences in loss of people who love you unconditionally. They continue to grieve Cheryl’s father and the death their daughter in a car accident.

Keeping Records

I pulled the photos out of their envelope one at a time, turning over each one to carefully record the date, place, and people in the photo. Sometimes, I included comments. “Apple picking in Hamilton with Pop Pop, Fall, 2023. You loved the wagon ride!”. I slipped each picture into an empty pocket in my son’s photo album.

Caileigh – Sharing grief experience to spread hope and kindness

Caileigh talks about taking the opportunity to share her personal and professional grief experiences as a way to spread hope and to spread kindness.

Logan – Songwriting and grief

Logan – Songwriting and grief

Logan explains how a song about his father helped

Adam – Story 2

Adam discusses his busy life and how he has coped after losing his mother