Death of a Parent

Amber – Keeping Dad’s memory alive

Amber tells how she set up a Dad adventure day to keep the memory of her father alive for her kids and husband

Jessica M – Legacy

Jessica explains legacy and gives examples including her own.

Hope – Going back to school

Hope talks about the shift she felt when she went back to school after her father’s death.

Karyn and Aidan – Going forward

Karyn and Aidan talk about Aidan’s wedding after John died and how they continue to cope

Caileigh – Recommendations as a therapist and a griever

Caileigh discussed two recommendations for parents on how to support their child’s grief. as a therapist and a griever. The first is to recognize that being with is far more important than fixing. There’s two pieces to connection. The first being that one of the most important healing aspects to grief is feeling connected to others.

Craig – Grieving as a Single Parent

In this video, Craig talks about the challenges of grieving as a single parent. He shares his own experiences and offers advice on how to cope with grief, talk to your kids about what’s happening, and ask for help from others.This video is for any single parent who is grieving the loss of a loved one. It is also for anyone who knows a single parent who is grieving and wants to offer support.

Jessica M – A Parking Lot Memorial

Jessica shares how her family gathered after her uncle died during COVID and how her family came up with a creative way of getting together in a parking lot.

Kim – Checking in is very important

Kim explains why it is so important to check in and keep in touch with people who have lost

Katie – Getting stronger

Katie talks losing her mother when she was young and how the experience helped her when she lost her Dad

Caileigh – My own grief and supporting others

Caileigh tells about her own grief and now it has given her a really powerful lens on how to support children going through grief as well. Along with her professional education and training, there is now a different perspective on grief and how that fits in with supporting others.

Sam – My story

Sam tells his story and losing his father, uncle and cousin in a short period of time

Bryan – The Three Fs

Bryan talks about the three cornerstones that he lives by …three f’s and how they support him in living a hopeful and positive life