Death of a Partner

Holly – Gifts in moments at the end of life

Lynda discusses how to deal with guilt.Holly talks about singing at the end of life

Holly – Befriending our mortality workshops

Holly explains how creating can be helpful with grief and how we don’t talk about death

Holly – The symbolic nature of death

Holly discusses doing art, the symbolic nature of urns and the denial of death

Holly – Every grief is unique

Holly talks about how grief can make you feel like you have lost your soul but that there is something to learn

Mary S – The value of writing

Mary talks about how much writing has helped inlcuding writing what her partner would have said

Mary S – Coping with multiple loss

Mary explains the challenges of dealing with the death of her partner and then her parents

Mary S – Grief is not the enemy

Mary talks about embracing grief is love

Mary S – My story

Mary discusses the end stages of her husband of 40 years gireiving him and grieving who she was when with him

Mary S – My story (long)

Mary tells the story of her life with her husband, his death and then the loss of both of her parents

Mary S – Dogs

Mary talks about how special dogs are and how much they helped her grief