Death of a Partner

John – The power of journaling

John shares how journaling has helped him so much

John – Lasagna

John talks about the “widower’s meal”… Lasagna, and learning how to cook for his daughters after his wife died

John – What I have learned

John explains how he has changed since his wife died and now looking back what he would say to his self right after his loss

John – What to do now

John talks about the time after the initial period of grief

John – Being helpful to someone in grief

John shares his thoughts on how to help someone in grief

John – Support over time

John discusses how support changes over time

John – Dating again

John talks about being asked by his daughters if he would ever date again

John – Empower yourself

John shares his thoughts about how to support someone in grief and his processes

John – Foggy Brain

John discusses how difficult it is to concentrate after loss

John – My Story

John tells the story of his wife became ill suddenly and died

Hope – Different lenses

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Hope shares about the differences in experiences between losing her father and her Mom losing a spouse

Grief & Ice Cream

When my wife of 18 years died in 2016, I became a single father missing the love of my life, and also had to learn how to raise two girls (13-17 at the time) on my own. I remember a conversation I had with my mother-in-law and oldest daughter that began as reminiscing over a person who became a lost love to all of us. We all talked about different aspects of my wife but shortly, it transformed into a “who meant more to her” fest.