Adrienne – Gloria’s story

Adrienne tells the story of Gloria writing a song based on her husband’s whistling

Scott – Music and grief

Scott discusses the relationship between music and grief

Mary – Taking songwriting classes

Mary explains two reasons why people take songwriting classes

Scott – Process and lyrics

Scott talks about his process with lyrics and how his song “So far away” was for his mother in law. Find the song at his website

Sara – Music and celebration of life

Sara explains how music can play an importand and significant role in celebrations of life.

Holly – Singing in the last days

Holly talks about her partner’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the pandemic, their decisions, faith and how singing

Mary – What I would say to my younger self

Mary talks about what she has learned about grief

Lisa -How grief changes

Lisa talks about being lost after her Dad passed away and two years later how she has come to a place of groundedness

Valmy – My story of loss

Valmy talks but the death of her uncle

Madelyn – Grieving process as a 2nd generation Canadian

Madelyn talks about being a 2nd generation Canadian, some things she has learend working in palliative care as a music therapist

Cale – Advice for writing music about grief

Cale discussses the relationship between your art and how you feel

Cheryl B – How music can help anyone

Cheryl talks about escaping into music