Murray – Be patient

Murray explains the most important thing he has learned about grief

Sara – Listening to music

Sara discusses how listening to music can help navigate loss

Maureen – Funeral music

Maureen talks explains how music can bring back positive memories

Lisa – Music and her connection with her father

Lisa talks about the gratitude she has for reconnecting with her father before he died and how much music was a connection for them

Cale – Give yourself time

Cale discusses songwriting advice and grief

Sara – Lyrics

Sara talks about how lyrics can have an impact on how we experience music

Lyss – Writing Songs and Words

Lyss shares about how writing songs and words has helped her with intense feelings

Lisa – Music helped after losing her Dad

Lisa shares how music has helped in her grieveing process.

Lisa – What I do with my music

Lisa discusses what she does with the songs she writes and how they work for her when she needs to tap into a safe space

Cheryl B – Singing

Cheryl expresses how singing gives her such joy and release

Susan – “Music”

Susan explains the value of listening to music and how it comforts her.

Matt – Music helped my grief

Matt discusses how creativity and music help his grief