Sara – Music at the end of life

Sara talks about the values of music at the end of life

Justin – Expression and grief

Justin talks about what his grief is like and hope

Lisa – Music helped after losing her Dad

Lisa shares how music has helped in her grieveing process.

Valmy – The power of lyrics

Valmy explains how lyrics can take the pressure off if you don’t know how to communicate. how you are feeling

Scott – Writing music

Scott talks about the cathartic nature of writing music stories

Lisa – Music and her connection with her father

Lisa talks about the gratitude she has for reconnecting with her father before he died and how much music was a connection for them

Murray – The power of music

Murray discusses the power of music and how it accesses your heart

Sara – Lyrics

Sara talks about how lyrics can have an impact on how we experience music

Valmy – Music for me and for others

Valmy talks about music she has created around her loss and how it helps her connect with others

Adrienne – Gloria’s story

Adrienne tells the story of Gloria writing a song based on her husband’s whistling

Cale – Celebrate the life

Cale talks about sacred fire, grief and celebrating the life

Scott – Music and grief

Scott discusses the relationship between music and grief