Lisa -Advice to grievers

Lisa explains her thoughts about how to help someone in grief

Lisa -How grief changes

Lisa talks about being lost after her Dad passed away and two years later how she has come to a place of groundedness

Lisa – How to support someone in grief

Lisa shares what was helpful from other people when she was grieving

Lisa – Music and a safe space

Lisa explains how music has been a safe space for her to feel all of the emotions that have come up since she lost her Dad

Lisa – Music and her connection with her father

Lisa talks about the gratitude she has for reconnecting with her father before he died and how much music was a connection for them

Lisa – Music helped after losing her Dad

Lisa shares how music has helped in her grieveing process.

Lisa – What I do with my music

Lisa discusses what she does with the songs she writes and how they work for her when she needs to tap into a safe space

Madelyn – The power of music

Madelyn – discusses the potency of music and processing good and bad memories

Madelyn – Grieving process as a 2nd generation Canadian

Madelyn talks about being a 2nd generation Canadian, some things she has learend working in palliative care as a music therapist

Madelyn – My story

Madelyn tells her story and how she became a music therapist working in palliative care

Sara – Creating music

Sara explains how creating music can be a part of the grieving process

Sara – Listening to music

Sara discusses how listening to music can help navigate loss