Kate – Things I do that help

Kate talks about how art, hiking and visiting the cemetery can be very therapeutic

Kate – My art and my brother

Kate talks about being an artist and expression through art can remind her of her brothers encouragement

There One Day and Gone the Next : Art Therapy and Grief

This blog post contains information about using art therapy to process grief, including specific examples.

Jacqueline – My Story

Jacqueline talks about getting through the feelings after her mother’s death

Jacqueline – Art Therapy & Grief

Jacqueline discusses about art therapy and how it brings a special layer to help move through grief

Jacqueline – Where to store art works

Jacqueline explains how art can be like journal entries that you would keep private

Jacqueline – Crying

Jacqueline talks about how grief is love and how crying is natural

Jacqueline – Digital Story

Jacqueline discusses what a digital story can be and how creatiing one can create positive breakthroughs

Jacqueline – It’s an Honour

Jacqueline explains why it’s an honour to be a part of her clients healing journey

Jacqueline – Humour

Jacqueline talks about how huour has a place in grieving

Jacqueline – How to help a grieving friend

Jacqueline discusses the power of just being there with someone in grief

Jacqueline – Advice to Younger Self

Jacqueline talks about seeking help and being kind to yourself