Kate – Things I do that help

Kate talks about how art, hiking and visiting the cemetery can be very therapeutic

Jacqueline – Art therapy and grieving women

Jacqueline explains how helping connect to the heart and reslience with art therapy can be very helpful

Jenn – What an art therapist can show us about processing grief

Jenn talks about how art can give a form to grief. It can give it shape and texture so it can be seen when it is often so invisible. It can also be messy which so like our grief experience

Chantal – The benefits of the physical part of art making

Chantal talks about how art can release energy in a healthy cathartic way

Claudia – You do not have to be an artist to do art therapy

Claudia explains why you do not have to be an artist to benefit

Chantal – Physical symptoms and grieving

Chantal talks about panic attacks and thinking she was having a heart attack

Michele – Creative expression and processing grief

Michele tells what advice she would give to her younger grieving selfMichele talks about coping that since being a child how creativity helped

Claudia – Art in community versus art therapy

Claudia explains how art therapists are trained and how what they do is different that doing art in community

Jenn – Art can be grounding and meditative

Jenn explains how the textures , qualities and colours of art can be grounding and meditative

Jackie – Expressive arts and grief

Jackie talks about expressive arts as systems of support

Jackie – Warming up to do art

Jackie explains how warming up is a way into expressive arts

Jacqueline – Digital Story

Jacqueline discusses what a digital story can be and how creatiing one can create positive breakthroughs