Jacqueline – My Story

Jacqueline talks about getting through the feelings after her mother’s death

Jacqueline – Art Therapy & Grief

Jacqueline discusses about art therapy and how it brings a special layer to help move through grief

Jacqueline – Where to store art works

Jacqueline explains how art can be like journal entries that you would keep private

Jacqueline – Crying

Jacqueline talks about how grief is love and how crying is natural

Jacqueline – Digital Story

Jacqueline discusses what a digital story can be and how creatiing one can create positive breakthroughs

Jacqueline – It’s an Honour

Jacqueline explains why it’s an honour to be a part of her clients healing journey

Jacqueline – Humour

Jacqueline talks about how huour has a place in grieving

Jacqueline – How to help a grieving friend

Jacqueline discusses the power of just being there with someone in grief

Jacqueline – Advice to Younger Self

Jacqueline talks about seeking help and being kind to yourself

Jacqueline – Art therapy and grieving women

Jacqueline explains how helping connect to the heart and reslience with art therapy can be very helpful

Jacqueline – You don’t have to be an artist

Jacqueline discusses how in art therapy we tap into that child in all of us that is not concerned about what is right or wrong

Chantal – Graphic novels and art therapy

Chantal defines what a graphic novel is and how words mix with imagery like a dance