Death of a Sibling

Adrianna – Finding out my brother had died by suicide

Adrianna relates how she heard about her brother’s suicide

Jackie – Expressive arts can help when grief is confusing

Jackie talks about how working with an artist therapist helped her after her sister and mother died

Adrianna – Therapy and loss

Adrianna talks about how different kinds of therapy helps

Shawn – “Loss of a Sister”

Shawn talks about his guilt and the loss of his sister.

Kate – Stigma

Kate discusses how difficult the stigma is to deal with

Joyce – Your other children

Joyce discusses how her daughter dealt helped her as well as dealing with the loss of her brother.

Doug M – “Helping Children Cope with Sibling Death”

Doug talks about shock and the importance of making sure children get help. Doug continues to grieve the death of his first wife.

Andrew – “Loss of a twin”

Andrew talks about the loss of his twin brother, time in the womb and that there are people out there that can help. Andrew continues to grieve the death of his twin brother by mishap.

Adrianna – What I would say to younger self

Adrianna talks about tools that helped her with her grief

Kate – Time to process

Kate shares about time and processing her grief especially during COVID

Kate – Advice to my younger self

Kate explains things being authentic and honest to herself has been very valuable

Adrianna – Storytelling… intuitive and instrumental

Adrianna tells how storytelling helped her process her grief