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Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Hosts ‘Saying Goodbye’ Concert

In November 2021, The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association hosted the ‘Saying Goodbye’ concert for National Grief and Bereavement Day. If you are grieving as you face the new year, perhaps the music of Canadian artists including Johnny Reid, Gregory Charles, John McDermott, Michelle Wright, Fred Penner, Jenn Grant, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Ray Legere and many more will bring you some comfort.

Saying Goodbye Concert



In Memoriam: John Kennedy

He answered to John, Johnny, Dad, JFK, Beamish Bookie and even RB (you’ll have to ask his friends about that one). Anyone who knew John describes him as larger than life. He loved people and was happiest sitting on the front porch chatting to anyone who walked by or making new friends in a Tuscan café or Irish pub. John became a father at 42 and enthusiastically and with overwhelming love, watched his son grow into the amazing man he is today. In the past decade, he dusted off his acting chops to be in local theatre productions and to work with his son.

John was a loving husband and spent more than 33 years married to his best friend Karyn. Not a day went by without him making her laugh with his silly antics or extremely bad jokes.

Generous and giving, John always found ways to help others, often quietly and without drawing attention to himself. He will be remembered for his love of golf, colourful language, betting on any sporting event going and falling asleep on friends’ couches after dinner parties. Always unselfconscious, honest and completely himself, John was deeply loved and is greatly missed by those who knew and loved him.