Loss of a Parent

Woman doing interview about grieving process

Maureen shares about her Dad, anger, love and some tools to manage unresolved conflicts.

Margaux outlines the story of losing her mother to breast cancer and the experience of grief at milestones in her life.

Margaux talks about group therapy and writing as tools for processing grief.

Margaux describes the experience of gradually processing her grief through individual and group therapy.

Mike and Cheryl discuss how it gets complicated with multiple losses.

Shawn describes finding out his father died by suicide and the shock and grief that followed.

Jeff reflects on the ebb and flow of grief during the healing process.

Karyn and Cathy discuss how the stigma of suicide impacted the acknowledgement of their grief and loss.

Cheryl and Mike talk about the benefits of counseling.

Karyn and Cathy describe the guilt that arose from the feeling of relief they experienced after their mother’s death.

Cheryl and Mike discuss the differences in loss of people who love you unconditionally.

Jeff outlines the story of losing his mother to cancer and the difficulty he experienced when he struggled to acknowledge his grief after her death.

Clare talks about her experiences with grief.

Cheryl and Mike discuss losing more than one family member.

Keith tells his story and why he became a counselor.

Keith discusses grief and age.

Katie talks about the loss of her mother.