Living with Dying

Susan talks about her story and her decision to stop chemotherapy.

Susan discusses why it’s OK to talk about death and how you want to die.

Susan shares her personal thoughts on beliefs and what happens after you die.

Susan discuss her thoughts on why the process of dying shouldn’t be clinical.

Susan talks about crying, grieving and dying.

Susan discusses dealing with the process of dying and grieving.

Susan talks about knowledge and the process of dying.

Susan discusses her diagnosis and her process of dealing with it.

Susan talks about how critical and wonderful frontline caregivers are and the importance of connecting with them.

Susan discusses dying and lives well lived.

Susan talks about being pragmatic about her life and hopeful for her daughter.

Susan discusses the concept of how love changes and the role of the dying spouse.

Susan explains her thoughts on three levels of legacy… material, spiritual and the dying story.

Susan discuss what it means to live life well.

Susan talks about the concept of a good death.

Susan explains the value of listening to music and how it comforts her.

Susan talks about the fear of dying becoming a burden and selfishness.

Susan explains the shift that happens with yourself and your relationships.

Susan discusses being strong and the support she receives.

Susan explains how listening to her body has helped her.

Susan talks about her role in the process of dying.

Susan explains how she is living and dying at the same time.

Susan talks about how the individual decides to go about the process of dying.

Susan discusses grieving in the process of dying.

Susan talks about controlling our death.