Grief and Trauma

Coping With Traumatic Loss

The sudden unexpected, traumatic death of a loved one is something like having a limb torn off.

Shocking. As if the air has been sucked from your lungs and you can’t manage another breath.

Rev. Sky talks about the question of why and how to look beyond it.

Rev. Sky talks about the universality of grief and how people grieve differently.

Rev. Sky explains triggers, identifying them and what you need.

Rev. Sky talks about loss due to gun violence, that it’s OK to cry and finding an outlet.

Rev. Sky talks about youth and when it’s time to reach out for support.

Rev. Sky discusses how trauma affects us on many levels.

Rev. Sky discusses yearning and how it’s OK to feel those emotions.

Rev. Sky talks about the emotions that come along with loss and outlets that can help.

Rev. Sky discusses trauma and re-experiencing the initial emotion had at the beginning of a loss.

Rev. Sky discusses things you can do to help navigate emotions.

Rev. Sky discusses how feeling numb is a normal emotion and what you need to move forward.

Rev. Sky introduces herself and explains why she is in these videos.

Rev. Sky discusses the grief motto 80% listening, 20% talking and how to help someone in grief.

Rev. Sky talks about her personal loss and the positive changes that happen as we journey through grief.

Rev. Sky talks about time and allowing emotion.

Rev. Sky talks about weepies, that they are OK and how to deal with them.

Rev. Sky explains how sharing helps you heal.

Rev. Sky talks about going forward and growing in the grief process.

Rev. Sky discusses sudden loss, shock and what is important to do to heal.

Rev. Sky explains ways of looking after yourself and why it’s so important.