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Holly – Singing in the last days

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Holly talks about her partner’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the pandemic, their decisions, faith and how singing

Cheryl – “What is grief”

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Cheryl defines grief and talks about how we all grieve differently.

Maureen – Holiday Traditions

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Maureen talks about anticipating a holiday and considering honouring a loved one

Brenda and Dale – “David’s Room”

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Brenda and Dale discuss their process of dealing with their son’s room. They continue to grieve the death of their son by suicide.

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Songs of Solace

Curated with care, these music selections may resonate as you heal in grief.

Grief Stories Blog

When Grief Therapy Can Help

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There are times when grief feels overwhelming, and begins to interfere with our ability to function.

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When You Can’t Be There As a Loved One Dies

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Post by Maureen Pollard, MSW, RSW There are times when we have some warning that a loved one is dying. We can change our agendas and make travel plans in order to…

Grief is Not the Enemy

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Mary E. Schulz is a Social Worker and writer who loves dogs, opera and stories that take her breath away. When I was younger, before anyone close to me had…

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