Our Operations Team

All members of the Grief Stories operational team are engaged on a volunteer basis

Braden Spencer

Braden Spencer

Chief Executive Officer

Braden brings over 15 years of senior management experience from the Not For Profit and Banking industries in fulfilling his role as Chief Executive Officer for Grief Stories.

Initially starting his career in the banking and finance industry in Australia, Braden switched his career focus to the Not For Profit industry after seeing the reality of poverty in South America.

Braden brings a passion for helping people, as well as leadership, fundraising and strategic experience to his role through his years at World Vision Australia and his current role with Save The Children Canada.

Taylor Leppik

Taylor Leppik

Grants and Foundations Manager/People and Culture Manager

Taylor has been working in the nonprofit field for the last five years. She has worked with organizations large and small and has been inspired to bring her passion and skills to Grief Stories. Tay’s passions include teaching and training, and finds helping people to be a large part of how she measures her personal success. After losing her mom to cancer, Tay joined Grief Stories in order to support others experiencing and healing from grief. Taking on multiple roles within Grief Stories as the Manager for Grants and Foundations fundraising and also People and Culture, Tay is an integral part of the Grief Stories team.

Rob Quartly

Rob Quartly

Creative Director and Filmmaker

If you grew up watching Much Music in the 80’s, you already know Rob Quartly. Or at the very least, you know his work. As both a director and a producer, he gave birth to Canada’s music video production industry. It’s a role that has been recognized with JUNOs, CFTA personal achievement awards and his induction as the first member of the Much Music Hall of Fame.

His activity in the advertising industry has been equally successful with recognition at Cannes, Toronto and New York Art Directors Club, Bessies, Clios, One Show, Marketing Awards…

Television projects have seen him direct The Vacant Lot series, act as Co-Creator of the hit CBC show “The Triple Sensation”,  and  create/direct/executive produce the CHUM comedy series “And Go,!”

Most recently, Rob’s labour of love has included capturing stories for his web site interestingiseverywhere.com, his socially conscious self has been busy creating griefstories.org and for the love of food chefproject.ca

Mina Thrantrong

Social Media Manager

Mina brings her passion for helping people and a very diverse skill-set that comes from working in various corporate backgrounds to the medical field to her role at Grief Stories.

She gathered experience with Digital Content Management having worked over 5 years at Great Exposure, a company that is highly regarded as one of the best in marketing for career colleges in North America while she fell in love with helping people from working in a Medical Office as a Sr. Medical Office Administrator.

Mina has managed digital content for over 200 career colleges and includes major organizations such as Ontario Career Colleges Association and National Association of Career Colleges. She further developed her skills in digital content management through freelancing for local small businesses by, building their websites and social media profiles.

She has a strong passion for holistic nutrition and lifestyle while also being a fitness enthusiast regularly practicing Yoga and High Intensity Interval training. Above all else, Mina is also a loving partner and a proud mom to her precious pomeranian.

Laura Grafton Adams

Laura Grafton Adams

Database & Systems Manager

Laura has been working in the nonprofit field for the last five years. Working with organizations large and small and has been inspired to bring her passion and skills to Grief Stories. Laura’s passions include spending time in nature, sustainable eating and leaving behind a future for the next generation. After having multiple friends lose parents in the past year Laura discovered Grief Stories and found it to be an essential resource in supporting her loved ones dealing with their loss. A loss that she has yet to personally experience. Taking on the role of Database & Systems Manager Laura is an integral part of the Grief Stories team.

Maureen Pollard

Health Care Expert

Maureen Pollard is a Registered Social Worker who has worked in the field of social work since 1991. In private practice since 2011, Maureen is a specialist in traumatic bereavement, helping individuals, families and groups navigate life after losses, including pregnancy and infant loss, child death, suicide loss, homicide loss and sudden or accidental death. Maureen is a certified Compassionate Bereavement Care provider, and she is trained in RTS (Resolve Through Sharing) Bereavement Care.

Maureen’s practice areas also include work as a certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Educator, supporting front line professionals in building the resilience necessary to survive and thrive in high-stress, trauma-exposed work.

Grief Stories is growing and looking for people who are passionate about our mission and have the skills and experience to make a difference.